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A different kind of auto lender, Brightin provides loan financing to customers who need someone to work with them to strengthen their financial standing. Brightin is committed to helping their customers succeed and Brightin's team members work to always exceed their customers’ expectations. 

As a newly rebooted company, LN Design Co. worked with Brightin's leadership to develop a new name, logo and a cohesive system of visual elements. We helped Brightin create a visual brand that reflects their core mission to outshine the competition with transformative customer service. Applications to web, print materials and messaging exude positivity and the nurturing spirit the Brightin team has built from the ground up. 

naming, logo design, messaging, print materials, website design

Brightin logo
Brightin business cards
A sample set of icons of a variety of financial and auto topics
Sample Brightin messaging: Brighter days and fresh beginnings. A father and son are flying a kite.
Cover design of Brightin folders and brochure. Brightin pen.
LN Design logo

PHONE: 612-695-4220
2700 Louisiana Ave. S. #26762
Minneapolis, MN 55426