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City of Minneapolis: 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Covering topics such as housing, transportation, job access, and the design of new buildings, Minneapolis 2040 is the City of Minneapolis’ Comprehensive Plan that sets the tone for how the city will grow and change looking forward 20 years. Previously distributed solely as a PDF, the City sought to improve access and input to the 2040 plan, and encourage more exploration and interaction by making the information available as a website.

Work on the project began with an in-depth study of the content and structure of the plan—its 14 Goals and 15 Topics, each connected to any number of 100+ policies and related action steps. With this knowledge, LN Design Co. developed the user experience and visual design for the plan website, minneapolis2040.com, and accompanying PDF, partnering with Emergent Software to build the site and content management system. The result is an attractive, intuitive experience for the city’s varied audiences—leaders and professionals looking to find specific information, and citizens browsing through the plan to understand its impact on their area and lives.

Web development: Emergent Software 


Minneapolis 2040 Sustainability page on an ipad
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Minneapolis 2040 full view of homepage
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